Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Hawaii {Part 2}

I’m sharing all the pictures from the second part of our trip to Hawaii. We packed so much into this vacation.

I tried to walk the beach at least once a day. On this particular day, I walked to find coffee. I never found it because Hawaiian time is a real thing and nothing opens at a reasonable time. 😉

But I did enjoy watching the sunrise.

The largest tree in the United States is in the town we stayed. It covers a block with 9 trunks. Such an enormous tree!

Next adventure…a helicopter tour of Maui.

The sights we were able to see were incredible. Most of the island isn’t accessible so the only way to see it is from a helicopter. So many waterfalls.

I have so many beautiful pictures from the tour, but I’ll spare you and just share a few.

This was Travis’s favorite helicopter tour we’ve done.
It truly was an incredible experience.

Then we set out to see some turtles. This particular beach was full of them! They have it roped off so people don’t get too close. Ho’okipa beach is a great place to see them.

We ate at a food truck, Ula Ula Cafe. It was fantastic!

We drove the back side of the road to get back to Lahaina. Along the way was a shaved ice so we stopped. The shaved ice was good, the lady that owns it was great! After she made ours, she pointed us out to her backyard and then came to visit. It was special to have the opportunity to talk with a local and learn about the island.

The view was spectacular!

So many of the roads looked like this. It was nice to have a compact car!

We stopped at the blow hole.

The progression…

We joked about how much pizza we consumed on this trip. We had it five different times but this was my favorite!

Some fresh pineapple ice cream for dessert.

On Sunday, we headed back to the golf tournament.
It was the last day of the tournament.

One of the players lost his golf ball, but Travis found it!

This course looked impossible to play, but the views were incredible and my company was the best. We had such a great time, which I was surprised about. A lot of laughs and people watching. Oh and I guess Golf watching. 😉

I went to the beach and actually laid out in the sand. It was my first time and I fell in love.

Normally we don’t actually get in the ocean or go to the beach but I’m so glad I took the time to do it! Now I want some more beach in my life.

The one time Travis went to the beach. We walked along the beach and watched the sunset. So beautiful!

Our last day on Maui we went whale watching in a raft.
I highly recommend doing this! The raft allows you to get so close to the whales. They swam right under the raft!

We decided to go last minute and we’re both so glad we did!

One last drink in paradise…

And one last sunset before catching the red eye home…

Until next time Hawaii. Hopefully it won’t be seven years before we make it back!

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