Thursday, January 12, 2023

2022 Year in Review

2022 was a year full of love, adventure, traveling, growling, learning, and some heartache.


We began our year together. The best way.

Our favorite person turned 39!

Papa Kim bought Charlee her first car.

Peyton turned 5!

We spent a day in the snow with both sets of grandparents.

Colson turned 9!

Colson received an award at school!

Charlee Jo received a great kidney report!

Miles joined our family!

We officially became a snowmobile family.


We went to the McCall Winter Carnival with friends for the weekend.

Liza and I took a girls trip to Waco.

Charlee and I attended a lunch to support a dear friend who’s little boy has a heart disease.


St. Patrick’s Day was so fun with our breakfast!

We surprised the kids with a hotel stay in Boise for the night during spring break.

We went to the zoo with Jo.


The kids spent some time in Cascade.

Travis attended opening day at Rockies Stadium.

Colson started baseball.

We celebrated Easter.

We went to Eric Church with friends!


Travis and I went to the Rotary Youth Auction.

We had a spring snow!

Travis finally found is old pick up.

And we all had a lot of cruises!

It was so fun!

Travis and I attended the Jayden DeLuca Gala.

We voted!!

Peyton finished pre-k.

And we celebrated with graduation!

Colson finished 3rd grade.

Charlee and friends went to get pedicures together for her birthday!

Our girl turned three!

Peyton started t-ball.


Colson attended Boise State Football Camp.

We took the boys to Disney World with friends!

Colson was asked to play on a tournament team.

Charlee Jo went in the fuel truck for the first time.


Travis and I celebrated seven years of marriage!

We finally made it to Cascade!

I went to see Sara Evans with friends.

Travis drove his truck in Cruise Night.

Colson got to be the bat boy for the Boise Hawks.

Peyton went to work with Dad as much as possible.

Charlee Jo attended dance camp.

Colson got his first real paycheck from his summer job.


I attended another concert with Korri!

Colson started fourth grade and Peyton started kindergarten.

Colson started football.

Our neighbor built the boys a jump. They love it so much.

Grandma B taught me how to sew and we made these pajamas for the kids!

We had our annual back to school dinner!


We went to the Boise Balloon Festival with family.

Charlee got a back to school pedicure.

Charlee started preschool.

Travis and I went to Denver!

We watched four games…

In three days.

Three baseball and one football!

We met Miles. The mascot we named our cat after. 😂

We took the boys to a Boise State football game.


Charlee got to meet her favorite princess.

Charlee and I handed our candy at the trunk or treat for the boys’ school.

I rode in the Emmett Witches ride.

Took the kids to the church trunk or treat.

Had the best Halloween!


Took GG to see Christmas lights!

Went to the Festival of Trees and bought way too many desserts!

Had the best Thanksgiving. So thankful to spend it with my grandparents. ❤️


Hosted a wreath making class with a handful of friends.

Mikey, our elf came back with a breakfast.

And special ornaments.

Spent as much time as we could with Grandpa.

Went and saw Santa!

Made cookies with cousins.

Travis went on a guys hunting trip.

The kids had a great Christmas!

I was so sick over Christmas.

We said goodbye  To Grandpa.

We ended the year together.

I’m excited for all that 2023 will be.

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