Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Denver 2022

In September, Travis and I went to my favorite city to catch a few games. When we are in Denver, we are busy. It isn’t much of a vacation but it’s my favorite place to go.

We flew down Friday afternoon. Dropped our bags off and headed straight to the ballpark. We made it just in time for first pitch!

There’s nothing like sitting in a ballpark. 

We stayed for the fireworks. I’ve never seen a better fireworks show than the one the Rockies put on.

We decided to check out a few places before heading back to the hotel. A fun night out.

I always try and meet up with Molly while I’m there. Molly and I went to Boise State together. Her husband and little boy joined us too! I love catching up with them!

Next up, walk around and visit some of our favorite places.

The oldest bar in Denver. The staircase that leads nowhere.

McGregor Square is right across from the ballpark and is always full. The atmosphere is so fun!

Game two…

Sunday we went to breakfast and then explored a little before heading to park.

We had to leave before the game ended…

We changed, and headed in the opposite direction.

The atmosphere of the Bronco games is always electric!
Crossing the bridge into the stadium. The cheerleaders and band were out getting the fans excited for the game!

I couldn’t turn down the chance to get my picture with Miles!

Forever grateful for the opportunity to spend weekends like this with Travis!

Until next time…

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