Friday, September 9, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!

Mornings aren’t our favorite but routine is and we’re finally getting into a great routine! Now we just need to keep this up. Im also thankful the boys have been asking me to take them to school instead of riding the bus. It gives us more time and I love taking them!

Also our favorite in the mornings, Papa!! So thankful he works for the district and can see the boys. It makes drop off very smooth on mornings that he’s there.

Eight years ago we had cigars at my brother’s wedding with Mike and Randy and this week Randy is visiting. Him and his wife are here and we’ve loved the time we have been able to spend together. 

Peyton isn’t having the easiest time adjusting to kindergarten. This week I took him and we had an ice cream. He was able to talk, I listened, and we talked about things we could work on to make kindergarten better!
One on one time with my kids is my favorite when I can really see their personalities shine.

Peyton’s facial hair was a favorite this week!

Walks to the bus are my favorite, with baby and all…

Grandma B has been teaching me all kinds of sewing tricks again this week and we made sister some bows! They’re her favorite and we’ve found some fun fabric to make some more!

This picture just makes me happy!

And this one is my favorite from my Dad. I know it’s not always fun to be the big brother but I’m thankful that Colson is such a great brother and helps Peyton adjust to the new school.

This spice moment was my favorite! If you know me, you know I love some pumpkin spice so when I found these shirts, I couldn’t buy them fast enough! My mini spice is making all my daughter dreams come true!

This cutie with his black cowboy hat is my favorite!

Papa Les loves Doggie and always teases Peyton with him. Last night Papa was leaving our house and Peyton ran into get Doggie so Papa could tell him goodbye. This just made me so happy! I have said it 100 times, we’re so blessed with grandparents and great grandparents! Such special memories for my kids!

I hope you’ve had a great week! This weekend is fairly empty and I’m here for it! Cooler weather and relaxation sounds perfect to me!

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