Thursday, September 22, 2022

Day in the Life: Back to School Edition

I’m sharing a day in the life from last Thursday. Now that all three kids are in school, I thought I’d share what a normal day looks like…

My alarm went off at 4:30. I snoozed it while I browsed a couple blogs that I read everyday. I wake up early but not fast. I stay in bed until the last possible second.

Made it to the gym!

Home. Coffee. And Bible. I try and do quite time every morning. I like starting my day in the Word.

Two cute kids snuggled in my bed!

Ah, ready for the day! I try and get ready by 7:45 so I can help the kids and not rush them.

Bed is made and kids are off getting ready! Ahead of schedule today. 

Breakfast for all of us!

I also fill up all the diffusers so they can run all day.

Lunches packed….water bottles filled and ready!

Walking the boys to the bus. One of my children doesn’t love to be in pictures, can you guess which one?

Once the boys were on the bus we have about 30 minutes before heading to preschool. I started laundry.

Okay, off to drop of my big girl!

Coffee run!

Turned on my audio book…

And tried to finish up some training that I have for subbing.

Also made sure my blog posted for the day…

Off to get sister! She’s loving school…

We stopped to see Dad and he asked us to have lunch with him! We can say no to our favorite guy!

Home and put Charlee down for a nap. I laid with her for awhile before getting up to…

Finish the laundry and a couple other things around the house.

Charlee’s up and needs some snuggles!

Outside for snacks!

And to call JoJo. She needed to tell her about school.

Got the boys off the bus!

Inside to tackle dishes…

And dinner!

Ran this boy to football practice!

Took these cuties to the park to see the emergency responders. We met Hallie and Bowen and the kids had so much fun!

An ice cream run before home!

Started some more laundry…

Snuggles with the kids before sending them to bed!

I ended the night watching an episode of friends before calling it a night about 9:30.

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