Monday, August 15, 2022

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday, friends! We had the best weekend. We had the kind of weekend were I didn’t pick up my phone to snap pictures because we were with friends and chatting. 

So here is a very short blog post!

Friday was a pizza night at home with lots of reading!

And a sleepover in the living room until way too late for these two!

Saturday was full of birthday parties for the boys and a ride on the fuel truck for sister!

I took Peyton to his party and I loved the one in one time!

We headed to a pool party, someone isn’t quite ready to drive us there yet!

Sunday, Travis and I went with friends on a raft trip and had the best time! Such a funny activity! I took this as we headed out the door and never picked up my phone again!

We picked up the kids and these two cuties were playing so well together!

I hope you had a great weekend!!!

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