Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Movin’ Up…

Colson is headed to fourth grade and Peyton is headed to Kindergarten! 
Peyton had a great year in pre-k. He loved Mrs. Lindley and made great friends!

On his last day…

He loved going to school with Hallie this year!

Look at all these sweet friends!

He’s made so much growth this year, we’re so proud!

The last day of school always means, ice cream!

Peyton had his graduation ceremony and we got to see all of his amazing projects from the year.

Celebrating our graduate.

Colson is headed to fourth grade! He had the most amazing year in Mrs. Howe’s class! 

She’s one of those teachers that connects with the heart. We’re so grateful for her! Colson played football everyday at school and excelled in class!

Such a difference from August!

There were tears when he left Mrs. Howe’s classroom but ice cream helped!

We’re looking forward to summer!

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