Friday, April 22, 2022

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been extremely long. I’m so happy to report my family is finally healthy after a week of the stomach bug. 

I’m sharing the very few favorites from our week…

On Wednesday night, Colson was over the stomach bug and was able to play in his game. I thankfully was well enough I was able to go watch my favorite play!

Walking into these two being extra sweet was my favorite! 

So thankful for grandparents who help! Between Jo and my dad shuttling kids to and from school this week, whoever was healthy was able to go! 

Walked into Charlee Jo petting her favorite kitty. 

Speaking of our favorite cat, he never ventured far this week. He was very concerned for all of us.

Lots of snuggles are my favorite. I’m thankful I can be home and love on my family when they aren’t feeling good. 

FaceTime with GG was a favorite!

And an empty laundry room might be at the very top of my favorites this week! I washed every blanket and towel in this house. I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything.

When the flu hits a family of five, it’s a lot. But last night I went to bed and was so grateful for this view right here and being able to tuck in three healthy kiddos. 

I was able to find so many silver linings this week, which was full of challenges and for that, I’m so thankful! 

I hope this weekend is good to you and your families!

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