Tuesday, January 25, 2022


The boys both have birthdays in January. In fact, they are three days apart which makes for a very busy week! I was sick the week of their birthdays so while I survived, a lot of things had to give and blogging was one. So, I thought I’d share their birthdays today!

Let’s start with Peyton. His birthday was the 13th and he turned FIVE! We started with his classroom party. They sang to him and we had treats!

Dirt cups for our boy…

He wanted to spend his birthday at work with his Dad. Lucky for him, he went to work on his birthday and the day after. It’s in his blood!

Thursday evening we had a party for our cowboy. Even Dad’s elk put on his party hat!

His cake request was so simple. Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate with cows on top!

He couldn’t wait for everyone to come so he could open presents.

His request for dinner was finger steaks and French fries. Grandma Kay gave him the perfect mug! She got this boot mug in Nashville years ago and Peyton loves it!

On Saturday, we celebrated with Peyton’s friends at the bowling alley!

His best friend, Paul was able to make it!

Along with so many amazing friends from both school and Lynn’s house!

Peyton had such a great birthday!!!

Colson turned nine on the 16th. We started his celebrations at school on Friday afternoon.
Football field in a cup was his request!

Saturday morning we headed to the hot springs with friends.

The steam made it so hard to take any pictures and it was freezing so we didn’t mess around with pictures!

Cupcakes in the freezing cold…

Sunday we headed up to find snow with all the grandparents.

Our friend let us borrow a snowmobile for the kids to ride and Colson caught on quickly…

So he went to riding Grandma Jo’s sled.

He loved how we celebrated his birthday!

It was the very best family day.

Home in time for chicken strips and fries with family!

He requested a Denver Bronco cake.

We had the best week celebrating our boys! I look forward to birthday week every year!

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