Thursday, January 27, 2022

Amazon Lately

 Today I'm sharing all things I've ordered on Amazon lately. I feel like we had packages being delivered daily but they were all good things...


January is birthday month so I was ordering a ton of birthday supplies for the boys this month. We had a cowboy theme request and sports...Boots & Cowboy Hat cupcake toppersFootball Cupcake wrappers and Ball Cupcake toppers.

 I recently put all the kids' movies in this DVD Case and threw out all the cases. It saves so much room and it makes it so easy to take from the car into the house. Now they always have a ton of options!

I started doing devotional time with the kids every morning and so I bought some supplies from Amazon. While the kids are eating breakfast each morning we read a devotion from this book, which I highly recommend, Devotional for Kids and we're memorizing a pray from this sweet book, Prayers for Children book. If we have time, we will read a story from the Children's Bible which I love.

Jesus Loves Me book is a fun book to read to Charlee at bedtime. She loves that it plays music while we sing.

I made a recipe at Christmas time that called for this Captain Rodney Glaze and it was amazing!

Red and Lulu Book is a new Christmas book that I picked up. It is a great book and I love that it has a red cardinal in the book. They always remind me of my Grandma Bonnie!

In Five Years is the book for our February book club. I just started it so I can't say too much about it.

Cardinal Lighted Lantern  speaking of Grandma Bonnie and red cardinals, I ordered this and had it sent to her in Arizona. I saw it at a shop locally but with shipping, I ordered it and had it directly shipped.

I always have a calendar hanging on our fridge and this Fridge Calendar is perfect!

With some traveling that I have coming up, I ordered some of these Disposable Masks and love them so much! For a mask that is. I don't wear them other than traveling and the doctor's office but they are comfortable and I love the leopard!

Happy shopping, friends!

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