Monday, November 29, 2021

Weekend Happies

Happy Monday, friends! We had a great weekend, full of family and friends. This time of year is so busy but full of festive things which makes me so happy..I thought I’d share some things that made me happy over the weekend…

First up, Black Friday shopping! It’s been several years since we spent an entire day Black Friday shopping. I didn’t get a picture but I went with my mom and mother in law. We had so much fun! It made me all kinds of happy to spend the day with them and cross off some gifts from my list.

Kacie made Charlee happy when she woke up!

Puzzles make me happy, especially when done with friends.

A completed puzzle is my favorite!

Swimming suits made this girl happy and that smiling face made me extra happy!

This cutie came into our room early and fell back asleep so waking up next to him made me smile!

This pie always makes me happy!

Charlee and Baron playing made me happy!

Josie’s dogs made my kids happy! She gives high fives, shakes, and kisses! 

Grandma Jo was very happy with her grandkids and her great- grandson at our second Thanksgiving!

A car full of my favorite people (+Travis) made me happy!

Watching the Broncos win with this boy and his Dad made me happy! Especially since we don’t get to watch them win very often!

As you can see, reading with this girl made her happy!

Ending the night with these three made me happy!

Turning 32 and feeling so loved by everyone who called,  sent messages, texts, and social media messages made me so happy! I’m surrounded and loved by the most amazing people. 

I hope you had a great weekend!

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