Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Thanksgiving Decor

Halloween is packed away for another year. I loved our home decked out for Halloween more than in years past. I don’t know if it was the floating witch bats or all the bats but it really put me in the mood. I know a lot of people are putting up their Christmas trees, but we (Travis…) have a strict rule about Christmas before Thanksgiving. So…I added a few Thanksgiving touches to the house and I thought I’d share in case you’re not ready to put up your tree.

Welcome to out home...

I took down the hats and spider webs but left the pumpkin pillow on the bench.

A look at the living room, back into the dinning and kitchen.

I usually put the flowers and greenery on the table but I wanted to leave the table more open so I put it on the mantle this year. I like how it turned out! The elk is still throwing me off...

I scattered orange throughout the book shelves...

Several years ago, I received this give thanks but I still don't know who sent it to me. I love it so much!

Some more pumpkins and fall signs.

I do feel like it's a lot more simple than Halloween but I love the coziness.

The sofa table has one of my favorite turkies.

A sign that highlights the important things of fall...

I finished up the Bronco's football schedule for the chalkboard and left the table cleared off so we can do some puzzles and eat dinner easier as a family. 

Another turkey and some festive napkins.

The kitchen is simple also...

Festive tea towels are my favorite...

I moved the pumpkin spice sign by the mugs and moved the mugs around to more of my fall mugs.

I took the black dishes off the tiered stand and added a green and white strip pumpkin.

I hung up an orange pumpkin above the stove and called it done!

I hope you enjoyed our quick little tour! Next time I show you around, it will be decked out for Christmas! I can't wait!!!

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