Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Halloween Decor

 I've always loved decorating my home for fall. It's my favorite time of year and I love how cozy it makes our home feel. For the past two years, I've really stepped up my Halloween decorations. The boys love it and it's so fun!

Welcome to our "spooky" home!

Pumpkin door mat and witches hats greet you when you arrive. We have yet to add real pumpkins to the front porch. It's still pretty warm outside and the worst is when my pumpkins leave behind gunk.

Mr. Skeleton is apart of the welcoming committee. He does a great job...

I hung up the bats on the built ins and about the fire place. There are some spooky details throughout. 

The canvas that Colson painted me is one of my favorites along with all the ones we painted together when he was a baby.

So many things, I've picked up through out the years or people have gifted them to me.

I added some bones to my pumpkins...last year I used them on my table but I changed it up this year and had some extra skulls.

The mantel looks about the same as last year. I added some spiders and black gauze. Peyton picked out the large pumpkin from Harvest Festival and I love it so I stuck it here, until we start using the fireplace, then I'll stick him outside! We have a basket of Halloween books out for the kids, too.

I think the bats make such a large impact and they are so inexpensive!

I don't have any Halloween pillows, so I kept out my fall ones.

Behind the couch, I pulled out the Halloween tree. Along with my favorite fall sign, Pumpkin Spice season is my favorite!

The table was inspired by Cara Carroll this year. I love how it turned out! These blue pumpkins are my favorite! I plan on using them through Thanksgiving. I gave them a good wash and I'm crossing my fingers they will last. I put wax paper under them, just in case! I picked up the spiders from the dollar store but the bones are from Walmart last year.

All three of my kids dislike the rat. It's their least favorite decoration!

Our chalkboard has the Denver Bronco season on it. It's not fall without football!

The kitchen is kept fairly simple....I put back up my bats about the stove and this year I added witch hats above the cabinets. I love the floating hats...

My pumpkin crocks is one of my favorite things to pull out every fall. I would love a Staub one but I found this one at TJ Maxx and love it!

I hung all the hats from command hooks on the ceiling. You can see the hooks but it's the best I could come up with, without putting holes in the ceiling.

Autumn candy corn mix that no one can stay out of....

I put our favorite fall mugs out along with the kid's Halloween cups...

and I love a good seasonal tea towel...

This tiered stand is my favorite to change out for the season. I love the black and white bowls along with my favorite black latte bowls. The little pumpkin was made by my mom several years ago!

I hope you're having a GREAT Wednesday!

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