Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Let's Look: Meal Plan

 Happy Wednesday, friends! Today's post is going to be short and sweet because we basically eat the same meals each week, in the same order! ;)

I'm linking up for LET'S LOOK! Today, we're sharing meal planning.

During the busy months, which feels like every month, we do quick and easy dinners...

In the spring, summer, and fall, I love things that I can stick on the grill and eat quickly while on our way out the door to practice or golf. 

On Mondays, we always eat orange chicken and rice. Always. It's Travis's favorite and any Monday that I make something else, he asks why I didn't make orange chicken and rice.

I buy the orange chicken at Costco and then just make my own rice because my family like rice and fried egg but no veggies.

On Tuesdays, we have tacos. Every Tuesday. Usually its ground beef tacos but occasionally I will pick up one of these trays from Costco. They are so amazing!!!!

On Wednesday, Travis golfs and Colson has practice so we usually have brats from Costco. We can eat them on the go or quickly before running out the door.

On Thursdays, Colson has practice and Travis has bowling so it's another quick meal. I love blts because I can prepare everything and then cook an egg to through on right before we eat. It's quick and everyone loves them!

Friday means PIZZA at our house! Everyone looks forward to it and it starts our weekend off right!

Saturday and Sunday, I like to take more time in the kitchen. Maybe grill steaks, make finger steaks or chicken strips. I feel like we have more time to enjoy dinner on those nights.

During the fall and winter months I use my crock pot a lot! I love putting everything in and coming home to a cooked meal. Or smelling it all day while I'm home!

If you can't tell, I like our meals to be quick and easy. Costco is a must and we don't changed things up very much!

I hope you have the best Wednesday!

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