Tuesday, August 17, 2021

San Francisco

Happy Tuesday, friends. I was hoping I could get my life back in order yesterday but it just didn’t happen. We’re in the busy season of life and My plan for today is laundry and getting my house ready for school to start!

Okay, now for the fun! We headed to San Francisco on Thursday. Travis and I had one day together before friends joined us on Friday.

We arrived early, dropped off our bags at the hotel and headed out to explore the city. The view from our hotel was incredible!

The weather was perfect for a day of walking…

We walked down to the Port of San Francisco and up to the piers. We at lunch at a restaurant in Pier 39 and watched all the people.

After lunch we continued the walk through the houses, China Town, and Little Italy.
It amazes me how the houses are built…

Ready for baseball!

Oracle Park is beautiful. It has the bay on one side.

The food was delicious!

And our seats were incredible.

Friday mornings we headed back to the piers and I had the most amazing coffee! Blue Bottle Coffee was recommended to me and it was amazing!

Mike and Kacie joined us….

We ate some lunch and feed the birds….

We took the fairy out to Alcatraz. Looking back at the city…

The Rock!

We toured the cell house and explored the island.

It was a bucket list item for Travis and I. I’m so glad we were able to visit.

Shocking…more baseball!

A ballpark at night is one of my favorite places!

On Saturday we were up and ready to explore!

We rented GoCars and they were a highlight of the trip!

They were hard to get in and out of but once we were driving around, they weren’t bad. 

We took them to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was foggy but we were still able to see the bridge.

Travis and I walked out onto it…

The view looking back to the city was amazing.

The painted ladies…

The cats gave us a virtual tour so as we passed things it would tell us some history. I highly recommend them! I would say to just rent them for the day….you’ll be glad you did.

A stop for fish tacos!

We jumped onto the trolly. It was a very San Francisco thing to do but so fun!

Mike and I’s feet were killing us so we all went into DSW and walked out with new shoes….all of our feet were happy walking out!

Third and final game…

We were so tired!!! After three full days of walking, we were looking forward to sleep!

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed to MyMy for breakfast….

Then grabbed our luggage and headed…


I’m always so grateful for vacations with my husband and this one was no different. We both enjoyed exploring a new city and of course, watching baseball! 

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