Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Three Things


On Mondays, I have to shop for the store and I do our grocery shopping then too. I take the littles to the babysitter but Colson thinks he’s too old so he goes with me. Most of the time he’s great help but regardless, I love having the one on one time with him. It’s an all day thing, and one we both look forward too!

This summer we’ve been completing a new chore system and he can’t have any technology until all his chores are done. I love it, but he hates it! It has solved so many problems and I feel like he does a great job of making sure everything is done early so when it’s time for “free time” he can watch a show! 

-Clean Room-
Last week we cleaned his room and went through EVERYTHING! It was such a big job but needed to be done. We went through all of his clothes in preparation for school clothes and purged toys. His Papa and I made a bet on how long he can keep his room spotless and so far, he’s doing really well. I told him if he keeps it clean I’ll pay him $20 when school starts, he’s determined!


Charlee loooooves to FaceTime. She asks to call Papa or JoJo almost daily. When she’s upset, she especially likes to call because she knows they’ll feel bad for her. She likes to hold the phone and be in charge so most of the time whoever she’s taking to gets to look at the ceiling for most of the call.

-Terrible Twos-
Girl can throw a fit. She will cry and be upset for no apparent reason. But she can snap out of it so quick, you’d never know she was just upset. No one understands, and Colson said it perfectly the other night when I asked her what she wanted…”she has no idea what she wants!” 😂

Charlee and Colson have a wonderful relationship. Charlee is so sweet to him and will go up and give him kisses for no reason. She adores Colson. Peyton on the other hand, she is a stinker too. She was go up and wack him while he’s minding his own business. She always wants whatever he has and will do whatever she can to get her way.


-Dad’s boy-
Peyton is so sweet. When he thinks I’m not paying attention, he’ll whisper to his Dad that he loves him or tell him that he’s his favorite. He never does this to me. He genuinely loves his dad so much. I think it’s so sweet that they have such a great relationship and I know that Travis loves it.

-Roller Coaster-
When we went to Silverwood, Peyton was barely tall enough to ride the roller coasters. There were a couple that he couldn’t go on but really wanted to. I was worried he might not like them. The boy LOVED them! He wanted to go on the ones that went upside down and I’m so thankful he wasn’t tall enough because 😬! He would still be riding them if he could!

-Best Friend-
Peyton has never shown a big interest in making friends. He’s very content playing with himself and hanging out with his Dad. However, his best friend is Paul. Paul is an older gentleman that spends his free time at a coffee shop in town. He recently had a medical scare and when we told Peyton he was crushed! He was so worried about him. Thankfully, Paul is much better and Peyton couldn’t be happier. He requested that we have Paul over for dinner so he can see him!


-Six Years-
We celebrated six years of marriage on the 8th of July. We spent the day in the car with the kids and dinner with nine! It’s been a really great six years!

Travis loves Dexter but I’ve never seen it. I agreed to watch the series with him so we’re going to start! It’s got a lid of blood for me…

We were supposed to go to Hawaii for our anniversary but canceled due to Covid restrictions. Instead we’ve planned several little trips and I love always having something to look forward to but I feel like we’re constantly on the go. 

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