Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Happy Rocks

I got this idea after visiting the library earlier this summer. The kids love painting rocks but the littles really struggle with the details. I loved that this only needs a few supplies and the kids could all do it with little help.

I love napkins so I have a ton to pick from. I let the kids pick out some of their favorites…

I put a plastic table cloth down and basically stock back to watch and help where needed.

The first step was to put a thin layer of modge podge on the rock. The kids needed help getting it thin.

Then they placed the napkin on the rock. I helped them cut out the napkins so it would fit on the rock better.

Once you put your napkin on, paint another layer of modge podge on top. Let them dry and then they’re good to go!

This was a simple and fast project that all three kids could do and they had fun!

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