Thursday, June 17, 2021

Spring Book Review

 Hello friends, happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing the books I've read this spring. I didn't do a great job of reading over the past couple of months. Between baseball and finishing up the end of the school year, I didn't make reading a priority! However, that's changing this summer!

Out of the four books I read, I loved four of them and I could hardly finish one….

The Four Winds: This was a bookclub pick. I have read one other book written by Kristin Hannah and they have both been great. This book tells the story of a family during the Great Depression. I though the author did a wonderful job of giving in depth descriptions that made you image what it would be like during those trying times. The ending isn’t what I was expecting but it was a great ending. I would highly recommend this book!

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry: For the one book I didn’t love…. I lost my grandpa last fall to cancer so while I was reading this book, it brought up a lot of emotions for me so I’m not sure if I would feel differently about this book if I didn’t have all those emotions. However, I did really like the characters. I thought the author did a wonderful job with character development. This book tells a story about a girl and her grandmother. They have a very special bond and the mom is always upset with the grandma for something. The little girl had to deal with a lot of emotions for being so little but the author did a good job with detailing how her character grew. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like this book, I just didn’t love it and I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

The Happy Ever After Playlist: This is the second book and it’s just as cute as the first. It’s a very quick read. I read it on our flight to Vegas. It’s light hearted and funny. The girl lost her fiancĂ© in the first book and this details her life and how she’s moving on. It shares about how she overcomes the depression after losing her fiancĂ©. How she feels scared about what others are going to say about her moving on. It’s a great book that doesn’t take any time at all.

With OUT the Mask:  Charlie Bird wrote this book about coming out as gay and being a member of the LDS church. I live in a community where LDS is a very prominent religion so I’m always interested in learning more about it. This book talks a lot about the church and it led me to a lot of Google searches to learn more. It was a great book and really opened my eyes to how people feel before they “come out” and what’s it’s like to not fee accepted by those you are close to and trust. I went into it thinking I wouldn’t be able to relate at all but having a Christian belief, I was able to relate and take away several positive things! I listened to a podcast that Charlie was on and he was talking about his book, I would recommend it if you’re curious.

Okay, now on to read the pile of books I have waiting for me this summer!!!

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