Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This was the first week of summer that we didn’t have a full schedule and it was so nice. We still found ourselves to be very busy, but we’re making lots of memories!

On Monday night, Colson spent the night with a friends and Peyton spent the night with Grandma Jo so Charlee called Papa Kim and he took her out for ice cream. She came home asleep while wearing a dress and snow boots! My kids are loved and watching those relationships grow is my favorite!

Grandma Jo bought a new slip and slide and the kids had so much fun! It’s definitely a new favorite summer activity!

My favorite four year old!

Even Papa Kim joined the fun!

Summer storms are my favorite. The one we had on Tuesday was big! Not one I could sit out on the patio to watch, I watched from inside…

Snuggles with my favorites, minus one…

Wednesday we headed to the dam so the kids could swim and they had so much fun! Being outside is their favorite!

The boys seem to fight unless they are outside so sending them outside to play and burn off energy is my favorite!

Working on all those educational skills is my favorite!

I hope you have a weekend!

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