Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Colson's Summer Reading Challenge

 It's summer!!! However, I don't want Colson to fall behind this summer. I think that reading, especially during the summer is so important. I want to try my best to make it fun for him. Thankfully, he enjoys reading and I enjoy the time we spend reading together.

To keep track of his minutes...I made a poster. It's hanging in the laundry room and he can color it in as he reads. We're already a week in and he has several books colored in. I'm thinking it won't take him all summer to color in all 30 books. Each book is worth an hour of reading time.

Each day, he has to read 30 minutes to check off his chore for the day. Most days, that's all he reads. Some days, he reads again before bed and even on the weekends he'll pick up a book and read.

I want to celebrate his success when all the books are colored in...we just haven't decided what that looks like yet. I'm thinking something simple like an ice cream date with Mom to celebrate!

Hopefully if you’re looking for a fun way to encourage your kiddos to read this summer, this will give you an idea!

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