Thursday, June 24, 2021

Amazon Lately

I'm sharing with you today a super random assortment of Amazon purchases. 

First up, all the things to make Charlee Jo's Minnie Mouse birthday party happen!

The balloon arch was so easy to put together. I ended up only use some of the balloons but it was still cute and added just enough. I wanted to keep her party simple this year.

I needed some fun things to fill the water bottles with for the end of the year gift and so I picked these up. The boys loved the stickers!

I picked up the flashcards and Brain Quest for Colson to work on over the summer. I make him do some each day while his siblings are napping.  The book was written by a local author and it's so fun to read about it and know them personally! The kids love it. Out boys loving watching The Sandlot to I picked it up so we could take it in the car.

I needed some blue cupcake liners for graduation cupcakes I made and these were cheap and perfect!


Peyton had been begging for one of these cups so I picked each of the boys up a blue one and Charlee got a pink one. They hardly use them, but it made Peyton's day!

I talked about this book last week. I really enjoyed reading it. I broke my favorite wine glasses so I picked these us during Prime Days. I love the shape of them. I wear my Birkenstocks almost daily but I wanted a black pair. I wasn't too excited about spending $100 so I ordered this pair to try. I love them. I reach for them more than my Birkenstocks. They are extremely comfortable! I workout in the gym but it gets so hot. I picked up this pair of shorts to try. I love the length and I'm hopeful they are thick enough to do squats in, I'll keep you posted. The girls that I workout with drink Pure Boost before the workouts so I decided to give it a try. I do like it and I don't get the tingles...which I think is a good thing.

These puzzles are my favorite! I really enjoy doing puzzles during the cooler months so I picked these two up for this winter. Most of the time, this brand is sold out when I want to buy them so I was thinking ahead and ordered them during the summer.

Happy Thursday and happy shopping!

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