Monday, March 15, 2021

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday, friends! We had such a great weekend with amazing weather. Travis was still recovering from having his gallbladder out. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the picture overload from the weekend.

Friday, we met my Aunt who is here from Germany for lunch and to play at the Village.

Trying his best to be patient...

On our way home we stopped so Peyton could get a trim.
The girl cutting his hair asked if he liked his little sister and he said, “no, not really” in the sweetest way possible.
Everyone loved him!

So handsome.

Car naps aren’t the best, but I’m thankful for them!

Up with my early riser!

Colson and I grabbed a coffee and went to field day to help get the baseball fields ready to play on! 
So ready for baseball season!

Meanwhile these two stayed with Nana and Papa!

Colson went to his friend’s birthday party at JumpTime!

My niece had a baby a couple weeks ago and we were able to meet him. We were all in love but Charlee was obsessed with him. It was the sweetest!

I love catching him like this!

My nephew turned one and had the cutest fishing party!

A sleepover with Nana and Papa for the boys!

Sister was home with Mom and Dad so we had coffee and donuts! She wasn’t mad about it!

Colson never naps but he fell asleep on Sunday afternoon. He was wore out!

After dinner we took advantage of the spring weather and had s’mores on the patio! 

Just a small reminder about how messy they are...

I love this view...

And we ended the night with FaceTime to wish Bowen a happy birthday!!!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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