Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This weeks weather has been our FAVORITE and we’ve spent so much time outside!

All the sleeping and snuggling that’s happened this week is my FAVORITE!! 

Post nap hand holding....

Snuggles with my middle.

All the spring things are my FAVORITE! Tulips. Bunnies.
I love it all.

Dinner time is HARD because Charlee wants me to hold her the entire time but this moment with her Daddy was my FAVORITE! 

Walks to the bus in the sunshine are everyone’s FAVORITE!

Visits to Dad’s work are Peyton’s FAVORITE!

Easter books are my FAVORITE!

The weather this week has been amazing and all the time outside is everyone’s FAVORITE!!!

First time with no training wheels!

Colson dressed up for FAVORITE book character and I’d say he nailed it!

Matching Charlee Jo is my FAVORITE!

I was in a bind yesterday and my brother graciously kept my kiddos for the afternoon! So thankful!! Charlee Jo teases my brother but she acts like she wants nothing to do with him so receiving these pictures were my FAVORITE!

He’s not so bad.... and her hair! 😂

I hope you’ve had a great week! There’s no school today or Monday so we’re going to find something fun to do!

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