Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Easter Baskets: Little Gentlemen

Today I'm sharing some Easter basket goodies for the little gentlemen in your life. I'll be honest, I didn't have as much fun compiling this list as I did with Charlee's! These are all things that the boys need or would love to have in their baskets!


I love sticking books in the baskets and this joke book is perfect for Colson who is all about telling jokes right now. I think it must be a four year old boy thing but any potty talk is hilarious when I found the gas on the loose book, I knew Petyon would love it!

These goggles are the best for kids. They can easily put them on themselves and the strap doesn't pull. We've had ours for three summers now and they are still in perfect condition!

I love these trunks for Colson because they look like expensive board shorts but Target for the win! Gap always has some of my favorite swimsuits for kids and these strips are the cutest!

I like to stick a small game in their baskets and the Zingo game helps kids learn sight words!

What little boy doesn't love some balls they can throw and kick around....

The best summer shoes of all time! The boys have each had a pair every summer. They are easy for them to get on and off and they can run around and play without them slipping off. They can also be wiped clean or stuck in a sink of soap. I love them!

Of course we'll stick some candy in their baskets too!


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