Wednesday, February 24, 2021

What's Up Wednesday

 Happy Wednesday, friends! We're finally feeling like ourselves again after the stomach bug took over our house earlier this week. I'm sharing what we're up to...

We haven't been eating much of anything around here this week but I am making a cake to take to book club tomorrow. It's Courtney's chocolate raspberry cake and I can't wait to try it!

(picture is from Courtney's site!)

This time last year was the last time Travis and I were able to board a plane and go on vacation....
We have a couple things planned for this year and I can't wait. We had three trips planned for last year and they were all cancelled. I'm so ready!!!

Sunshine and warm weather!! I can't wait to be outside with the kids and grill outside. 
These are from last March...

This girl is loving all her babies. It's the sweetest thing!!!! I love watching her play and she's the sweetest little Mama.

Ya'll the stomach bug took us out this week. We've been up to lots of snuggles and now I'm cleaning every surface of my house. Along with laundry. So much laundry!

Not the most flattering picture...but thankful for some rest.

I honestly can't think of anything. Maybe the rest of the laundry...

I'm working on a few blog posts for next month....

I've been watching Fixer Upper Welcome Home and I'm loving it! I love Chip and Jo and their new network is amazing!!!

I'm currently reading My Grandma Told me to Tell You She's Sorry. I'm not loving it just yet... It's a book club pick and I'm not very far along so it could get better.

I'm listening to Firefly Lane on Audible and loving it!!! I can't wait to finish it.

I bought some Red Aspen nails from a friend and I'm actually loving them. I tried them awhile back but I don't think I applied them properly because I struggled with them staying. I took some more time and applied them how they recommend and I haven't had any issues with them!

These are super bright, Peyton picked them out for me!

Not new...but every night around dinner all three kids seem to need me. What the heck? I sat down on the floor and they were all three sitting on my legs and talking at the same time.

Our nephew is playing Lacrosse next month and....

Colson's baseball starts next month! We can't wait to go watch them play!

Colson has baseball tryouts, Travis is playing in a bowling tournament, and I hope the weather is nice enough we can be outside in the fresh air.

I hope you're having a good week!

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Natasha said...

I'm sorry the stomach bug took you out -- that's no fun :( I miss traveling too. I really hope we get to take at least one trip this year but even that isn't guaranteed...