Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been a crazy one! I’m sharing some favorites from our week...

First up, I changed up my hair and it’s my FAVORITE! It looks lighter in this picture than I think it is in person. I wanted something that was less maintenance and I needed a change. I’ve been blonde for six years, it was time.

Peyton’s FAVORITE glasses are now Charlee Jo’s FAVORITE! She found them and she’s evening wearing them. Such a ham!

This week is birthday week. Crazy but our FAVORITE week to celebrate some of our FAVORITE people!

Stephanie’s birthday was Monday and we dropped off some of our FAVORITE cookies! 

Peyton’s birthday cake from his party was his FAVORITE!

And then he asked if I was going to make a cake on his actual birthday with fuel trucks on it so of course I made his four year old dreams come true.

My Mom and Peyton share a birthday and she loves wine so I made her a cake as well!

Peyton celebrated his birthday at school and being able to go and take treats was my FAVORITE!

We had my parents up for dinner on Wednesday to celebrate the two birthdays!

And they opened presents...

And we got to eat cake!

FaceTime with these two are my FAVORITE!

Costco runs with these two isn’t easy but moments like this are my FAVORITE!!

Puzzles are quickly becoming my FAVORITE and Galison puzzles are at the top of my list. I finished this one this week.

Cold mornings aren’t my FAVORITE but these two are pretty cute all cuddled up on our walk to the bus!

I hope you’ve had a great week! We have a birthday party tomorrow and I plan on doing nothing the rest of the time!

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