Monday, October 5, 2020

#joceveryday2020 {Week 30}

#joceveryday2020 Day 274: She wanted her Mama all night until Aunt Theresa sat down with some ice cream. Climbed right up and thankfully Aunt Theresa shared. They were friends the rest of the night. ❤️

#joceveryday2020 Day 275: Friday night mood.

#joceveryday2020 Day 276: a family affair cleaning up trees in the yard. Even the little one picked up leaves.

#joceveryday2020 Day 277: Charlee Jo has the greatest example of a father. I hope someday she finds someone as amazing as her Daddy to marry and start a family.

#joceveryday2020 Day 278: so happy to be volunteering in Colson’s class!

#joceveryday2020 Day 279: today was BeautyCounter’s holiday launch day and it was so much fun! 🎄 As a team, we’ve had fun spreading some CHEER! I know it’s only October but who else is excited for Christmas?! 🎅🏼

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