Monday, September 21, 2020

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend!

Friday was Homecoming and we were dressed and ready in our Huskie gear! 

I subbed on Friday so I went to the parade!

And I saw my babies! All three of them!! Along with my Dad and Grandma Jo! I wasn’t able to watch the parade with them but I snuck in a picture!

My nephew is a football captain so he accepted an award from the mayor and it happened to be right in front of where I was sitting!

Friday I picked up Austin and surprised Colson after school!
The boys played for awhile and then Colson went over to Austin’s for a sleepover!

So....we had milkshakes and 

Snuggled with Peyton! We ended up falling asleep and had a terrible night sleep because of all the kicking! 😂 

Charlee did some light reading...

And helped herself to some candy. 

Meanwhile, Peyton and Travis worked hard outside!

And had cake waiting for them when they were done!

My family came over for pizza and we got a four generation picture!

After everyone went to bed Travis and I enjoyed the patio.

Sunday looked a lot like this. Sports. Lots of sports.

We enjoyed dinner on the patio! I love the cooler weather so we can enjoy the patio!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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