Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Three Things


Colson is so happy to be back in school. He loves being with his friends, riding the bus, and having routine. I love getting him off the bus and listening to all of his stories from the day. He’s hopeful that he can continue to go in person.

He loves to build things. He really enjoys LEGOS. He can sit and build things for hours. His creativity is impressive!

Harry Potter. He’s been asking me to let him read Harry Potter for several months and I finally got my hands on the books so we’re reading the first book in the series together before bed. He’s so excited!


Favorite. He always tells Travis and I that we’re both his favorite. He’s very sensitive and doesn’t want to hurt our feelings. However, when he knows I can’t hear, he tells Travis, “just you’re my favorite Dad”! He definitely idolizes his Dad and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Coffee. Peyton’s favorite thing to do in the morning is go get coffee. {he drinks milk} He also loves to help make coffee at home and will drink it if I’m not paying attention. He really does like coffee! Smart boy!

Jo’s house. He tried to convince me that I should take him to Jo’s house everyday after Colson catches the bus. He was able to go to Jo’s by himself once last week and you would have thought he won the lottery!


Cheese. Anytime I pull out my phone to take a picture she squishes up her face and makes the best cheese face! She’s really becoming quite photogenic!

No.  This girl can throw a FIT. If you ever want to see it, just tell her no. Her bottom lip comes out and giant tears flow. Every. Single. Time!
{don’t worry, she hears no a lot}

Kisses. When we tell her to give us a kiss she puts her forehead on our lips. She doesn’t kiss back which is perfectly okay with us but also so funny. She does it with her brothers, Travis and I, and grandparents! We have no idea where she learned it.


Bowling. Travis was on a bowling team for years up until a couple years ago. Well, he was asked to join a team and this week he again! I’m excited for him to be doing something fun for himself. He doesn’t do that enough.

Substitute teacher. I wasn’t going to sub again this year but last minute I decided to and I’m so glad I did! I subbed last week in my favorite grade with my favorite group of teachers and it made me remember why I love doing it!

Vacation. We had three vacations canceled due to Covid this year and we’re so sad about it. Travis and I love to travel together. This week last year we were on a cruise to Alaska. Two years ago this week we were in Denver. This year...we’re home. I can’t wait to travel again, together!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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