Tuesday, August 25, 2020

#joceveryday2020 Weeks 26, 27, & 28

 Happy Tuesday! We had such a fun night with Colson last night for open house. I can't believe he starts 2nd grade next week! I'm praying for a great year, no matter what it looks like! Now on to more catch up!

Day 179: we might need another Doggy.

Day 180: Colson helped my Dad make these for Travis!

Day 181: it's all fun and games until you take her out of the bath!

Day 182: <3

Day 183: I put these boys to bed early and was enjoying some "me time" when Dad got home and let them get up. It's a good thing they're cute because they aren't relaxing!

Day 184: We needed a change of scenery so we headed to the park after dinner to get some energy out!

Day 185: I always thought boys lived dangerously but I've been proven wrong with Charlee Jo. No fear, and just trying to keep up with her big brothers!

Day 186: Happy 4th of July!

Day 187: Colson, "I just wiggled it out"
No, no you didn't!!! There's way too much blood, you yanked it!!!!

Day 188: tiny friends.

Day 189: Charlee Jo had another successful surgery! Her stint was removed from her kidney. Thank you for all the prayers and messages today! Fingers crossed this will be the last surgery and the last time we have to go without Dad. Thankful to be home and snuggling!

Day 190: 5 years, countless memories, 3 kiddos, good times, bad times...I wouldn't want anyone else holding my hand. 
Happy anniversary, babe!

Day 191: it's a good thing her big brothers come home tomorrow. She's not sure what to do without them around.

Day 192: so happy my boys are home!

Day 193: we had a relaxing afternoon on the lake with friends! So fun!

Day 194: a run to the convenient store after a bath calls for a treat!

Day 195: I'm so glad Peyton has a kitchen to make us yummy food! Cakes and cookies are his specialty!

Day 196: sunshine makes everything better!

Day 197: this is exactly how I feel today. I have so many emotions about everything that's going on, I feel like I'm stuck making hard decisions without having all the answers.

Day 198: off he goes! He's thrilled to be spending the weekend with GG and Papa Les in Cascade!

Day 199: Wild Friday night over here! I'm not complaining although the Friday night plans that I originally had were going to be a lot more fun. #dangcovid

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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