Thursday, May 14, 2020

#joceveryday2020 {Week 17, 18, & 19}

Here I am, playing catch-up again! Three weeks worth of daily pictures for you...

Day 114: I went to bed before 8 to read and this one always finds me.

Day 115: we had a change of scenery for PE today. A walk/ ride around the island and I'm happy to report that everyone made it!

Day 116: <3

Day 117: ending the weekend extra tired from all the fun they've had.

Day 118: when you get the kitchen of your dreams! We're so thankful for friends that pass along fun things!

Day 119: you know dinner was good if you ended up in the sink.

Day 120: we finally were able to meet Bowen and he is so sweet!

Day 121: I wish we were spending our evenings at the baseball field watching brother play.
I bought these shoes before Charlee arrived knowing they'd fit just in time for baseball season. 

 Day 122: the kids and I delivered May Day flowers today! It was fun to spread some joy and welcome in a new month!

Day 123: these two worked hard today building a shed.

Day 124: sister found Peyton's hat and she's pretty proud of herself for getting it on!

Day 125: I put gel in Peyton's hair this morning after he got out of the shower and he was so excited that he asked to FaceTime everyone he knew to show them. I hope these curls stick around!

Day 126: Cinco De Mayo + Taco Tuesday = a GREAT day!

Day 127: I'm still in disbelief that we live in a world that we need to wear masks to Costco.

Day 128: the Oreo didn't stand a chance.

Day 129: Peyton thinks the world of his Dad and I'm so thankful that Travis takes the time to take him along to teach him the work that he loves so much.

Day 130: drinking my new favorite cocktail, a watermelon mule, and watching these two mow the lawn. It's a great night.

Day 131: being their Mama is my favorite job.

Day 132: these two spent hours riding these scooters today. #whateverkeepsthemfromfighting

Day 133: how many more days until GG and Papa Les get home?! We will hug them in SEVEN days!!! 

Day 134: 

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