Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Charlee Jo {11 Months}

Charlee Jo is 11 months old! This month has been such a big month for her. She has really took off this month.

  • Her hair is finally starting to come in! She has some long hair in the back and as far as I can tell, it's not going to be curly like her brother Peyton's. 
  • She has two teeth poking through on the top. I'm hoping they come through before her birthday!
  • Sister loves to be loud. She always has something to say and if you aren't paying attention to her, she just gets loud!
  • She still likes to be in a room with people. She prefers me or her brothers. They can easily occupy her!
  • She is walking with speed these days.
  • She thinks it's hilarious to throw her food or cups on the floor at dinner and be told no. She smiles and lets out a laugh.
  • She's sleeping a little better than last month but still not great. I'm hopeful that once her teeth come in, she'll sleep a little better. I know she must be uncomfortable.
  • She loves to eat. Anything and everything!
  • She still wants to be in the middle of whatever her brothers are doing. Her favorite place to sit is in Colson's chair. If she disappears, we can almost always find her there.
  • Sister is still taking two naps a day. 
  • I just sized up to 4 diapers and she's wearing mostly 12 month clothes! She really took a growth spurt this past month!

She's still not a fan of grass....

She got her first pedicure!

She is starting to do it herself....

My FAVORITE pair of jammies that I still stuff her into!

Zero personal space.

I can't believe she's almost one. This year has been full but we are so happy she's apart of our family!

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