Thursday, April 23, 2020

#joceveryday2020 Catch-Up

Hello friends! I've mentioned that I'm having a horrible time getting my pictures to download to my computer. I'm also struggling with the blogger app on my phone. That makes blogging very hard. So, I think I figured out how to get my pictures onto my computer. It's not as easy as what previously worked, but it's not like I don't have time on my hands.

Today I'm sharing my picture a day from Instagram.

Day 86: two sleepy kids, post nap.

Day 87: taught the boys Jenga today and Peyton surprised us with how good he was.

Day 88: I love that we live in a place we can get away and enjoy time as a family during the quarantine.

Day 89: sister is into everything.

Day 90: all this time at home means I can finish up old projects. The boys put their footprints on this plate last summer and that was the end of it.

Day 91: obviously we need to be as close as possible all day. Someday I'm going to miss them fighting over who gets to sit on my lap. I really do love it.

Day 92: multitasking today with a zoom call, putting Charlee to bed, and making these Cadbury Cupcakes! The end result was fantastic and the boys were extra happy!

Day 93: one thing I'm very grateful for during this season of life is the time Colson and I have to snuggle up on the couch and read together while the babies are napping.

Day 94: we survived our first week of distance learning! Overall it was a good week. We experienced some lows but we had a lot of highs too!

Day 95: blue light glasses for the win!

Day 96: I'm so grateful for time at home with my family. It's hard to be home and feel like we're missing out but this wouldn't have happened. I would have missed out on THIS! Charlee Jo is not a snuggler, she won't hold still but she did today.

Day 97: I decided I don't care what my house looks like as long as they are playing and not asking to turn on the tv.

Day 98: today was a great day. We managed to complete all Colson's schoolwork, participated in a birthday parade and spent the majority of the day outside! I'm so thankful for sunshine!

Day 99: this picture is basically how today went. But we did have fun with Google 3D!

Day 100: it's springtime so Peyton is in heaven! Mowing the grass with Dad is on the top of his favorite things list.

Day 101: today was a busy day, full of fun things! Cake baking, cookie decorating, egg dying, pizza, playing outside for hours, and we're finishing our night with movie and popcorn in the living room! I hope these kids sleep good tonight!

Day 102: round two of coloring Easter eggs tonight. Dad wasn't impressed we only colored 18 we're doing 18 more!

Day 103: Happy Easter!

Day 104: Colson was so excited to see his teacher and friends today!

Day 105: he went on the fuel truck with dad and came back with an ice cream. I think he had a great afternoon!

Day 106: she wants to do everything by herself.

Day 107: this distance learning has been a very hard adjustment for us. Colson is very social and misses school so much. I miss the structure it brings us.

He's wanted a desk since he started sharing a room with his brother so today I put together a desk for him.

I'm hoping this will help with motivation and a place for school.

I can't believe how much joy this brought him!

Day 108: quarantine got to both of us. I have bangs and Travis shaved all of his facial hair.

Day 109: my favorite three year old that is up way past his bedtime.

Day 110: when your Dad is the coolest person you know, you copy everything he does.

Day 111: it's been five years since you asked me to be your wife. My answer is still yes.

Day 112: birthday celebrating, quarantine style!

Day 113: Happy Earth Day!

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