Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve never looked forward to the weekend as much as I am this week. That might be a lie, but I’m very excited about. I’m not sure why because we aren’t doing anything but Travis will be home and we don’t have school so those are both GREAT things!

Anyways, I’m sharing some favorites from our week.

My least favorite.....I can’t get any of my pictures off my phone and onto the computer. I’ve spent hours trying and deleting pictures but nothing seems to work.

Colson’s favorite thing to do each morning is Google meet with his classmates and teacher! I love overhearing all the conversations that take place. I’m so grateful for his teacher to take the time to do this everyday.

Another favorite is coffee. I’ve consumed so much coffee this week!

And in my favorite mugs of course! I pulled this one out yesterday because Colson told me he didn’t like having me as a teacher and so I figured he’d think it was funny, he didn’t! 

I was helping Colson with some math and Charlee wanted me to hold her. As soon as I picked her up, Peyton came up to me and asked me to hold him. I told him I didn’t have enough hands and he said, “I just wish you had four hands.” Me too buddy, me too! Kid’s thinking is just my favorite!

So I picked him up and made the most of it!

Fake sleeping is my favorite!

This girl walking around is my favorite, but I’m sad she’s already walking. Also, this outfit is a hand me down from my niece and it’s one of my favorites!

Walks to the mailbox with my big while the babies nap is also a favorite! He even held my hand on this particular day!

Anyone who knows Peyton knows how much he loves Doggy and his blankets. Well, apparently their are sister’s favorites too! 

Coffee is this boy’s favorite!

I was having a moment of silence one evening and Peyton quickly found me followed by his brother. My favorite was watching them play Legos together. I didn’t mind being found since they were playing nicely together!

Charlee has worn these pajamas since she was 3 months old and they are my favorite! They are supper stretchy so she’s still able to wear them but it’s about time to put them away.

Colson has been begging for a desk for a year and with distance learning I felt it might help if he had one. I ordered it last week from Walmart and didn’t tell him.

While he was doing his 30 minutes in the living Charlee and I assembled his desk! His reaction was worth it! He was so excited!

Walking by and seeing him sit and read was my Favorite!

I had another moment of silence yesterday as I enjoyed my favorite ice cream! This is so good!

Playing games is my favorite and Colson is starting to enjoy playing them too! I picked up with cars holder months ago and it’s so helpful!

After yesterday, seeing this posted on the school’s Facebook page was my favorite! This is such a weird time we’re living in and trying to figure it out can be hard on kids. I need to focus on what’s important. I want my kids to look back on this time and know that as crazy as the world around us is, they’re loved. So my goal moving forward with distance learning is to stop whenever we’re struggling and just read with this kids.

I hope you had a good week’


the 4 M's said...

Hoping hubby will make a bike rack for our bikes this weekend. We enjoy the weekends with no school work!

KimMalk said...

Your children are adorable. Haha on the coffee mug--our kids never think what we think is funny is, indeed, funny! I *never* knew there was a Biscoff ice cream!!! I love those cookies!

Joanne said...

I want that ice cream!! I have never seen that before but I am a huge Biscoff fan. Your children are adorable.