Thursday, March 26, 2020

#joceveryday2020 Weeks 10, 11, & 12

Happy Thursday! I'm sharing the last three weeks of pictures with you today!

Day 65: Charlee Jo experienced grass for the first time. At first she didn't know what to think but now she's happy!

Day 66: Peyton got to visit his preschool today and even met some friends he'll be going to school with! Talk about excitement!

Day 67: I took my first cake decorating class!

Day 68: today was BUSY and these two worked hard this afternoon!

Day 69: He loves to read and she loves her brother so both are happy!

Day 70: I love when he gets off the bus!

Day 71: Lacrosse season has officially began and we've brought all the essentials to watch Taylor!

Day 72: she has been tormenting him all evening....

Day 73: this is how we feel about what's going on. Can we just take a nap and wake up with everything back to normal?

Day 74: whatever's comfortable sister!

Day 75: I can't thank you all enough for all the support I've had over the past two months! I've kept busy in the kitchen creating and learning. It's been so much fun. I finished cake #20 tonight! I had no intention of baking so many cakes but I love that I have the opportunity!

Day 76: there is always a project at the Webb house. At least it keeps this one entertained.

Day 77: many of you know that back in September we found out that Charlee had a blockage on her right kidney. The doctors have been closely monitoring it and today was the day they went in and repaired it. Surgery was a success and our girl is healthy and resting! Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers!

Day 78: goodbye hospital!

Day 79: Travis put up a flagpole at the house today so we can say the Pledge of Allegiance during our school day. #kidding He's been working on this project for awhile now and it's finally in the ground! Yay for having an American flag flying proudly outside!

Day 80: where are all my extroverts at? How is everyone doing? This is much harder than expected. I love talking to people. I love seeing people. I just love people.

I baked a lemon cake last night and it didn't turn out this pretty. It was terrible looking but still tasted good. So I started over. As much as I love people, I also love when things turn out like I planned.

So instead of saying social distancing, I'm using the term physical distancing because the thought of not being social with people makes me sad.

Now, I'm going to drop this off on someone's porch in hopes of passing along just a little bit of cheer during all this negativity!

Day 81: these two went outside after breakfast and didn't come in until dinner. It was such a nice day and they took full advantage of the sunshine!

Day 82: happy Saturday, friends! We're all ready with nowhere to go! I don't know about you but I feel so much better when I take the time to get ready, even when I'm staying home! Take a few minutes and do something to take care of yourself today! Maybe that's some makeup, a mask, or a walk around the block!

Day 83: the boys love when there is leftover frosting!

Day 84: I had to leave the house today and get groceries. Normally I LOVE leaving the house but right now I'm just trying my best to keep everyone healthy.

So I've been drinking this concoction at night. I love drinking this at night without the ACV but I know it's so good for immune support so I'm adding it in. Just in case you're looking for a little extra immunity support right now, give this a try!

8 ounces of hot water
3 drops of lemon essential oil
3 drops of thieves essential oil
some local honey 
1 TBSP ACV with the mother

Day 85: I'm so glad my parents gave this puzzle to Colson so I could do it. [sense the sarcasm] Two puzzle pieces in and he gave up but I can't......

I hope you've had a great day! See you tomorrow for my Friday favorites!

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