Thursday, February 27, 2020

#joceveryday2020 // February

Happy Thursday, friends! It's been awhile...Travis and I went on a vacation and I haven't been motivated to to do anything since we got back. I need a vacation from our vacation!

Here's my picture a day in February!

Day 32: we took Colson to Dave and Buster's! He had fun and we enjoyed the two on one time!

Day 33: Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I'm aware that the Broncos weren't even close to playing today but we're still showing our love to our favorite team! Who are you cheering for today? What's your favorite part of the Super Bowl? This year I'm just looking forward to the cake I'll be eating!

Day 34: she LOVES the bath!

Day 35: he doesn't love to snuggle but if I just let him be when he sits next to me, it always lasts longer.

Day 36: Papa Kim gave Charlee Jo a lemon at lunch!

Day 37: Papa Kim made Peyton's day! He came and picked him up in the dump truck!

Day 38: today was such a productive day! Finished a cake, finishing up the laundry, and cleaned the house! Although, as soon as my kids wake up from nap and Colson gets off the bus, my house will be a mess again. I love heading into the weekend with a clean house. Now I can enjoy time with my family!

Day 39: you'd think the tooth fairy would learn her lesson and not forget to show up! Interest is expensive when she forgets!

Day 40: I have the cutest taste testers!

Day 41: 3 minutes early to the bus stop on a Monday, it's going to be a GOOD day!

Day 42: nothing says fun like a family outing to the grocery store!

Day 43: Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Day 44: this weather is amazing!!! The boys played outside until dinner. We're all excited for spring.

Day 45: our Valentine's Day wasn't like I'd planned. But seeing this boy get so excited about his cards made it all okay. Naps messed with schedules and moods!

Day 46: love these three (and their Daddy) so much!

Day 47: most of us never got out of our pajamas today and we're pretty happy about it!

Day 48: Peace out Idaho!

Day 49: Top Golf!

Day 50: it's our last night in Vegas so we decided to stay out past 9pm and see Criss Angel.

Day 51: we got to tour Hoover Dam today. It was amazing to see. This is from inside the dam, looking out through a vent.

Day 52: I'm feeling so grateful for the opportunity to spend a few days in Arizona with my grandparents!

Day 53: our plans were rained out today but we were able to visit the USS Arizona memorial in Scottsdale.

Day 54: Home. I loved having a week with Travis but now I feel recharged and ready for my kiddos. I missed them so much, it's good to be home.

Day 55: while I unloaded groceries this afternoon, I sat Charlee down with a puree and then I wondered where my baby went. She just sat there for 10 minutes and watched, happy as could be.

Day 56: Peyton. He fought nap today for 2 hours and I almost gave in. He's sweet and has a way of getting what he wants 98% of the time. I'm not the only one under his spell, his Grandma Jo falls under it also. He's just too cute to tell him no!

Day 57: the weather this afternoon made me anxious for spring!

I'm soooooo ready for the weekend and we just have one more day!!

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