Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! This week went by so quickly for me. I think it was getting used to routine again. This weekend we have some fun things planned! We basically have birthday celebrations all month long and this weekend is all about Peyton!

I’m sharing my FAVORITES from the week!

Colson lost a tooth on Sunday on the way to church. Well, the tooth fairy forgot to come and so walking to the bus stop Monday morning while trying to explain why she didn’t come was not my favorite! 

Peyton got a new matching game for Christmas and playing it with him was my favorite! Getting a match was his favorite!

He also got this art set and I was dreading opening it for him because it had approximately 419474 pieces and is huge. But  it’s became his favorite thing to do this week.

And to my surprise, it fold up small so that’s my favorite!

The boys’ great grandparents both them these wooden toys two years ago and they are still a favorite toy. They get played with daily! I love that they are simple toys!

So.... the tooth fairy came and the note she brought was my FAVORITE! She had a toothache so she wasn’t able to make it on time! She even brought some extra cash! 

Mac n’ cheese is this girl’s favorite food so far!

And my favorite use of a farmhouse baths! 

FaceTime with GG and Papa Les will always be a favorite!
We miss them like crazy!

Peyton’s favorite thing to do is “trick” Mom by pretending to sleep. His fake snores are my favorite!

We borrowed Dad’s old work truck to go to the dump and Peyton was in heaven. Riding in the truck is his favorite!

Colson got off the bus and asked me to sit and color with him, one of our favorite afternoons this week!

I forgot I had this grocery cart cover from Copper Pearl but I pulled it out and it’s my favorite!!

I picked this book at Walmart yesterday and it’s my favorite children’s book! I cried and hugged my kids a little tighter after reading it!

Happy Friday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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