Monday, December 30, 2019

Life Lately

Grab a cup of coffee and be ready for a million pictures while I update you on life lately around the Webb house. It's been forever since I blogged so this is a two month update!

Sister is getting so big!

Peyton still loves his coffee and got a new Mickey Mouse cup!

Colson was asked to join student leadership at his school and had his first event.
He was a door greeter. Then we went around and participated in the activities they had at his school.

Peyton is fully potty trained so Dad bought him a new toy!

We've enjoyed several coffee dates!

I started my Beautycounter business and I'm having so much fun!

Colson finished his basketball season! The last practice they had a parent/ kid scrimmage and Travis had so much fun!

Colson brought home an excellent report card so we celebrated with a root beer float!

I enjoyed several mornings with coffee and all the twinkle lights! My favorite!

The kids met Santa!!!

Charlee Jo was mesmerized. It was so magical watching her.

Colson and I spent an entire day at the car dealership getting my car worked on. We managed to walk and get some lunch. He declared it "the best day ever" since we just got to hang out and be together.

Travis planned a surprise 30th for me and I was so surprised!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving. Colson made a turkey and we all wrote what we were thankful for on a feather. It's still hanging up in our house!

Sister is eating real food now! She hasn't had anything that she doesn't like!

Travis and I went to Denver for the weekend after Thanksgiving and had the best time. We attended our first professional hockey game.

Met up with Molly and Jared, my friends from college.

And witnessed a win for the Broncos. Such an exciting game!

Our friends invited us to the BSU championship game.

I went to an after school coding event with Colson!

Charlee Jo had another ultrasound of her kidneys. Grandma Jo went with me.

Colson tested positive for influenza....

We ended bookclub with a book exchange and it was so much fun!

Christmas break started early. School got cancelled on Friday due to influenza and strep!

The kids and I attended Christmas Eve service at church and Colson came with me instead of going to children's church.

The kids had a wonderful Christmas!!!

And they are still playing with all of their things.

We enjoyed being together and not leaving the house on Christmas.

I said I wasn't going to send out Christmas cards and then got sad when I started to receive so many.
I decided to order New Year cards and so next year remind me to just order Christmas cards! :)

These last two months have been FULL of so many things. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm excited for 2020, but also so happy with all that happened for our family in 2019!

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