Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I'm finally blogging again. I woke up trying to wrap my head around the fact it's November. I can't believe how fast October went and I'm preparing myself for a crazy November.
Monday, the babes and I ran to Costco and when I put these raspberries into the cart, he picked them up and hugged them! This boy takes after his Papa Kim with his love for berries!

Colson had a trunk or treat at his school and so I decorated the car and handed out candy to all the students! I didn't take a picture at the school, but I set it up the day before to make sure it would work. The kids loved the balloons and I enjoyed seeing them all dressed up for Halloween.

Meanwhile.....Peyton spilled the cereal all over the floor and was eating it like a dog.
Mom of the year!

We survived family pictures on Wednesday night. Taking family pictures isn't my favorite thing but everyone had the best attitudes. We already received them back and they are perfect!

Peyton is really into reading lately. I think he sees his brother reading and wants to join. I love the extra snuggles but wish he loved reading more than just two books on the shelf! :)

A walk down Halloweens from the past...
My FAVORITE costumes! Little Buzz with big cheeks will be hard to top!

I loved announcing my pregnancy last year!

My Grandma Bonnie made Charlee's costume this year and it's my FAVORITE!

I can't leave out my favorite tick or treaters!

I hope you've had a great week and survived Halloween!

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