Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Welcome Fall

It's fall y'all! Since it's October 1st, I'm giving you a peak inside of our home that is decorated for fall.

Confession: Our house has been decorated for fall since August 23rd. I pulled out all the fall decorations on the second day of fall and I've loved it so much that I plan on doing this every single year from now on! 

Welcome to our fall home!

I have my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and my festive Hocus Pocus shirt on!
My porch is in need of some more pumpkins!!! We need to make a trip to the patch soon!

See that little ghost? Colson made it in preschool and it was one of my favorite things he brought home. It's so simple but a fun addition to the entry way!

I added a warm throw and some fun pillows. Everything is from TJ Maxx. 

I love fall, but I still try and keep things simple. 
I've collected things over the years. Mostly from TJ Maxx. 

Some of my favorite decorations are the handmade canvas that I made when Colson was my only child. Unfortunately, the younger two never made any...

Above the fireplace is one of my favorite things, the "give thanks" blocks. I received them in the mail and it didn't say who they were from. I've always loved pulling them out each year.
(I do have a very good idea who they are from!)

The living room itself just got a pumpkin on the coffee table and another pillow on the couch!

The dinning room table got a full tablescape this year.
I used hydrangeas and pumpkins that I already had. I did have to pick up a couple more hydrangeas, but I had everything else! We do eat at our table every night so as much as I love the table, I'm not sure I'll do this again. It makes sitting at the table kinda hard.

The chalkboard was inspired by my love of pumpkins and old trucks!

The sofa table just got some fabric pumpkins to the bottom.
I also filled the basket with seasonal books. Peyton enjoys pulling them out and we read them through out the day.

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house and it makes me so happy when it's full of fall decor.

A plate and a couple signs in the corner.

I can never have too much pumpkin spice! So this sign that I picked up at Hobby Lobby several years ago is perfect! I also found these Halloween plates and cups at TJ Maxx this year. The boys love picking out which one they are going to use every night.

Fun towel that I picked up from TJ Maxx.

The banner above my stove is old from a local shop.
I can't wait to make soup or macaroni and cheese in my pumpkin!

The pantry has a tiered tray with all my favorite fall mugs!

And more artwork!

The guest bathroom has a painted canvas, fall flavored candle, and a fall towel.

You guys, Colson painted this canvas all by himself last year. He was FIVE! I can't paint that good now. I asked him to paint one for me every year. He's so talented!

The boys' room got a fun black and orange garland! 

So when do you put up your fall decorations? 
I'm already getting excited for Christmas decorations....I know it's still way too early but decorating for the holidays makes me way too happy!

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