Thursday, September 26, 2019

Alaska: Part 2

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I'm sharing the second part of our Alaskan vacation!

On Wednesday morning, when we woke up, we were in Skagway. We had awhile before we could get off the ship so we got ready, had breakfast, and then....

I sat out on the balcony and started my new book!

As soon as we got off the ship we made our way to the helicopter excursion. This was the view as we took off in the helicopter.

And this was our ship, on the other side of the port, it's huge!

So these are pictures that I took on the way to the glacier from in the helicopter. I was sitting in the front, on the left side. These pictures don't do any justice to how beautiful it was!

The helicopter flew us over the mountains and we had perfect weather! The pilot mentioned how perfect the weather was a couple of times. We landed right on the glacier itself.

We walked around Meade Glacier and learned all about it.

 We both drank from the glacier. The water tasted amazing but it was so cold!

This pool of water was so blue! It was beautiful...

Once we were done with the helicopter ride, we walked around and found somewhere to eat lunch. We found a little restaurant that served everything you could think of...Mexican, Italian, fish and chips, wings...if you can think of it, it was probably on their menu!

Skagway was my favorite stop. It was a really fun little town.

 That afternoon, we took a walking tour to learn about the history of the town. It focused on the brothels that were there but we got to see the first building and fun facts.

The log house is the first building in the town of Skagway.
The Brass Pic is an old shack that up to 10 prostitutes would have lived in. It was tiny!

 We ended the tour in an original brothel house. It had the original wall paper and floors.

The history of it all was very interesting to Travis and I. 

Our tour guide was great!

Heading back to the boat at the end of the night!

On Thursday, we toured Glacier Bay. We were on the ship all day and spent the majority of it on our balcony. We saw whales, bears, bald eagles, sea lions, and so much ice!

This ice chunks were big! The pictures don't show just how big they were.

It was like looking at a postcard. 

Here I am again reading my book. I must say, I miss reading with all the incredible views I had!

Thursday night we had dinner at a Texas BBQ restaurant.

And then went to ride the go-carts. Because it was raining, we never got to ride them.
But...if we had the opportunity I'm sure this would have been accurate! :)

Later that night we went to The Jersey Boys and it was great! Surprisingly, Travis really enjoyed it.
It was a musical. The boat was really starting to rock and we could feel it in the theater.

On Friday, we were suppose to port in Ketchikan. Due to weather, we couldn't. It was a huge bummer. Travis was going to Halibut fish and I was going to just walk around the town.
So...Travis rented movies most of the day and I went and got a pedicure.

Later that day we had the best afternoon snack!

Friday night we had reservations at Tappanyaki's. I'd never been to one before and it didn't disappoint. I wore my leopard heels again with a black dress!

After dinner, we went to another show. This one was interactive and the girls did a great job!
Another musical for the win!

Saturday we were on the boat for the majority of the day. It rained and we couldn't even go out on the balcony. The views were still amazing, however!

We got into Victoria at 8 pm and weren't able to get off the boat and into town until about 9:30.
It was nice to at least be able to get off the boat, but the only things open were pubs.

And it was pouring rain......

I loved all of the old buildings. I'd love to visit again for longer than an hour and maybe during the day! Ha! 

Sunday morning we were back in Seattle bright and early. 
We were so excited to get home to our kiddos! 

Waiting....we were so early for our flight!

Overall, our trip was amazing! We were extremely disappointed that we never made it to Ketchikan. We also felt like it was pointless to stop in Victoria since it was so late. We both feel like it was a great trip with amazing views that we wouldn't have been able to see without going on this particular cruise. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has been thinking about going.
We both feel like it's a once in a lifetime trip and a high possibility our last cruise! ;)

That's it for our vacation! Now, here's to planning our next vacation! Any suggestions????

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Natasha said...

We spent a day in Skagway and did the White Pass Railway. I agree that almost everywhere in Alaska looks like a postcard. It's so incredible!

We spent a few days in Victoria in February and I would highly recommend going back. It is such a beautiful city.