Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Summer Reading List

I know what you're thinking...we're already half way through summer! This post is a little late but I thought I would still share what's on my reading list this summer. For the last several years, I've read text books. I have managed to read a few books for fun, but for the most part, all of the reading I've done has been for school. My list of books is long, but I'm really enjoying spending some of my extra time in a good book!

My nightstand currently has these books sitting on it...

I'm currently working on The Immortalists. While I'm not a fan yet, there is still plenty left to read! 

I have read four books so far and I've loved everything I've read! 
What books have you read this summer??? What other books should I add to my list? Please share any and all of your book recommendations with me!

I'll share my book reviews later this summer! Happy reading!

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