Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday Favorites

Hey there, Friday! I hope you guys all had the best week! Our week was different than normal, Colson spent the week with his GG and Papa Les at the cabin! I'm anxious to see him in the morning!

My first favorite of the week is...

Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning! I've been eating two eggs for breakfast with this and it's so good! It's good on avocado toast, grilled chicken breasts, or basically anything else. If you're by a Trader Joe's, do yourself a favor and get some!

This little cutie!

 I dropped him off on Tuesday morning and he headed for the mountain with GG and Papa Les. He has been asking to go since before school got out and he finally had a free week. He loves the one on one time but I sure miss him while he's gone! We are headed up tomorrow morning and I can't wait to give him a giant hug! I've avoided calling to talk to him, it tends to make him homesick!

Every Mom will relate to this favorite from me week... shopping with a coffee and NO KIDS! I had a doctor appointment and some errands to run so my kids stayed with my mother-in-law. It was sooooo nice! Grocery shopping took me 30 minutes and I wasn't in a hurry. Normally, it would take me twice as long.

I love a good summer dress. This one made me happy...

It is so comfy, has pockets, and the back has a surprise detail that makes it a little different! I'm wearing it with my slippers, but I just threw on some sandals and it was a comfy and easy outfit. It comes in a handful of colors but I ordered the black and white stripe!

Popsicles on the front porch...yes please!

I love spending my evenings outside and the boys are no different! Peyton enjoyed a Popsicle while we waited for Dad to finish mowing the grass. 

Also, can we take a minute and talk about how much fun it is to dress a girl!!! I have always loved Matilda Jane clothing for little girls! I ordered his this cute outfit and it's even better in person!

Speaking of clothes...

I grabbed a couple tank tops from Walmart recently and I'm loving them! The fit is great and the quality is better than I imagined. I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing Walmart lately and while most of it isn't something I would wear, I'm loving their tanks and t-shirts!

While I talk a lot about my grandparents on the blog...

....Travis's grandma is just as special to us! We have lunch with her every Wednesday. It's something we all look forward to. This was Grandma Kay and Peyton headed into lunch this week!

Okay, that wraps up my Friday Favorites! I hope you have the BEST weekend!!!!


Kara Hugo said...

Where did you get that dress??? So cute and looks so comfy! I have to admit, Walmart had suprised me a few times with their clothing lately!!! So fun to read this post😘

Jocelynn Webb said...

I found it on Amazon! It is so comfy!