Thursday, May 2, 2019

Boy's Shared Room

Today I'm sharing the boy's shared bedroom. When we found out that we were having another baby we tossed the idea back and forth of adding on another bedroom. I thought we would have another boys so the baby and Peyton could share a room. However, when we found out we were having a girl, we needed a new plan. So, here is their room from the door.

We started looking at bunk beds and knew we wanted full size on the top and bottom. We found this set on WayFair and it's perfect! (looks like they are on sale right now!)  I was dreading making their beds so we ordered Beddy Beds. (The navy is on sale right now too!) They are amazing! They are a little pricier, but the quality is great and even Peyton can zip it up!

Colson had fathead dinosaurs in his old room that he wanted to make sure made the move into his new room. So, Travis moved them!

Colson was also sad to leave behind his desk, that he spent countless hours at. However, all the play space makes up for that desk. We did move his board and the boys are able to hang up their creations.

The boys both have anywhere chairs that they are constantly moving around. We put the tv up in their room so they can watch tv while sitting in their chairs. The picture ledge shelves hold a few pictures and I need to update the pictures to pictures of the boys together.

The bookcase was from our old house and holds a few books, piggy banks, and "special" things that Peyton can't reach!

Their closet is big enough to hold all of their clothes. I bought them each some drawers to house pajamas, swimming suits, pants, and things like that. Their shirts hang to the side. I have all of Colson's clothes that he's outgrown in tubs at the top of the closet. Each boy has a box of special things I'm holding onto. Things like, their coming home outfits, Halloween Costumes, and favorite outfits.

The other side of the closet houses all of their toys! So many toys.....

Their bathroom is a jack and jill style. The boys have their own vanity.  I keep the counter cleared off because they seem to make a mess with water and soooo much toothpaste!
The shower curtain is dinosaurs for now, but as sister gets older, I think we'll have to find something more gender neutral! :)

I love this space. Although it isn't matchy-matchy, they love it. They have a lot of space to play and create. I love catching them in their element.

Happy Thursday, friends!

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