Thursday, March 7, 2019

Day in the Life - Workday Edition

Happy Thursday, friends! Today I'm sharing a day in the life. On Monday, the kids didn't have school and the teachers had a workday. After a weekend spent never leaving the house because of sick kids, it was just what I needed.

6:20 wake-up. Mornings never get easier, even with an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

First up, tea...

I keep it simple with my make-up routine.

I finished getting ready....

Made a quick lunch, nothing fancy. The most important part...Tums!

This boy was up and hungry! He needed some cereal and milk.

We were out the door and headed to the sitter just before 8.

Dropped the boys off and headed to....STARBUCKS!

I made it school shortly after 8.

I got busy working on material for the week. I had about an hour before heading to a staff meeting.

A quick staff meeting....

Back at work. Doing all the cutting.......

Lunch break! From my favorite deli!

ALMOST done! I'm loving what it looks like so far!

Calling it a day shortly before 5!

A stop at the grocery store for bread and another Starbucks. I needed a little afternoon pick me up, tea!

Picked up my littles!

It was so nice outside and the boys have been inside for 5 days that we stayed outside long enough to feed the goats. I don't know the last time we visited our friends! :)

When Dad got home he put the new mattresses on the beds! The boys were sooooo excited!

Nana and Papa picked up the boys after dinner and I poured myself a "drink" and......

Cleaned up dinner!

The boys are home and enjoying their treat!

The boys got ready for bed and watched an episode of Pepa Pig while I finished up putting their beds together.

And taking a quick break with Dad....

And then all tucked in their new beds! Peyton's first night out of his crib and Colson so excited about sleeping on the top bunk!

I sat down at the computer to work on a blog post and check my email.

Then, I moved to the couch to watch the cheesy show...The Bachelor.

In bed way too late!

So, there you go! It wasn't really a normal day for us, but it certainly gives you a look into our lives. These are always some of my favorite blog posts to read, so I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Thursday, friends!


Joanne said...

Love your phone saver photo and your adorable Lorax door.

Jocelynn Webb said...

Thank you! The finished door is so fun!