Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Christmas 2018

I can't believe Christmas was over a week ago! I planned on sharing these pictures last week but sickness hit our house and so now it's January and I'm finally doing it!

Christmas Eve started with service at church. It was a wonderful service.

Then we headed to Travis's parent's house for dinner and gifts.

The boys changed into jammies and we headed home. 

Colson set out the milk and cookies for Santa!

Santa and his helper got right to work so they could go to bed!

Shortly after I went to bed, Peyton woke me up and after trying several places, I built myself a bed on his floor and this is how we slept. He was running a fever and so sick.

Christmas morning came bright and early especially after sleeping on the floor all night. Colson woke the entire house up and we headed for the living room.

Colson was so excited and Peyton was really into this year!

Colson wanted a new gun so bad so he could shoot with his Dad!

Christmas was a success this year!

After being awake for about two hours, Peyton put himself to bed and slept until late afternoon.

We cancelled all of our plans and took naps, snuggled, watched Christmas movies, and just enjoyed each other.

My parents came up to bring us dinner and the boys' gifts. (We were suppose to have dinner at their house with my brother's family but with Peyton being sick, we stayed home.)
Peyton basically told my mom which presents to open and didn't lift a finger.

Colson got a telescope and he was so excited!

He also received the Pokemon card that he's always wanted!

Although our Christmas didn't go as planned, we had a great time with our boys! They are both at really fun ages so watching the magic of Christmas through their eyes is the best! We stayed in our PJs and never left the house so it was a win in my book!

I hope you all had a great Christmas!

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