Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel for What's Up Wednesday!

Over the weekend we had Christmas parties so I didn't need to cook dinner! Yay! This week has been easy and fast dinners. On Monday we had tomato soup with grilled cheese and last night I warmed up a frozen pizza. I should really step up my cooking game!

Travis and I have been together for four years this month. So much has happened in four years! I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love doing life with him!

I love having our home decorated for Christmas!!!

And I also really love pulling into our driveway and seeing the Christmas lights on the outside!

Slow days with a lot of snuggles. The boys and I haven't been out and about much. Dad has been hunting a lot so they take full advantage of him when he's home! 

Snow. I'm not a big fan and I know we're going to be getting more! The boys have so much fun and Travis enjoys it, I'm just not on board!

I’m also really dreading having to take down all the Christmas decorations! I love our home decorated for the holidays and it’s so much work to take it down!

The final steps before student teaching. I start when we return from break. I met with my host teacher yesterday, the meet the student teacher letters are heading home with the kids, and I'm anxious! 

I'm so excited for Christmas morning with these two! Peyton has already unwrapped a few gifts so I'm sure Christmas morning will be fun!

I haven't been reading anything. I had big plans to read a few books while on break from school and it just hasn't happened. We finished up all the show from this fall, which are now on break until after the holidays. We've been watching a few episodes of Friends at night before bed.

All the Christmas music!

I just ordered myself a coat from JCrew Factory that will arrive just in time for student teaching. I have recess duty once a day so I'm hoping it helps keep me warm!


RESTING!!! We don't have any big plans other than Christmas baking! I'm thinking about not leaving the house on Saturday and only on Sunday to go to church! I'm sure Travis will be hunting but I have zero plans other than being in the kitchen!

Finding out the baby's gender!!! I think it's boy #3, but all of our family is team girl!

I think this about covers it! Today is my Grandpa Warren's birthday! My boys sure love their Great-Papa Warren!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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Tractors and Glam Blog said...

I live in eastern Washington (State) and we usually have some snow by now and this year it has been in the 40's and 50's. So weird, but I will take it! How exciting to start student teaching. What grade will it be in? We started our Christmas Break yesterday and I am so excited and plan on being in my kitchen and watching movies like it is my job. I loved your recap!