Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Happy Tuesday! We are moving slow this morning. It's back to normal with Colson heading off to his first day of school after being home for 11 days! I'm sharing our amazing Thanksgiving Day with a 'photo every hour' because our day was packed full each hour of the day!

My morning technically started around 4, when Travis got up to go hunting but I managed to fall back asleep until eight when I heard Peyton making noise from his crib. I made some tea since coffee is still a no and the boys and I snuggled up on the couch to watch Paw Patrol. Every morning starts with Paw Patrol in this house.

Breakfast with my Nana and Papa. We watched the parade and I made our favorite breakfast casseroles. I made it the night before so it just had to cook.

More parade. The boys, especially Peyton, loved seeing Chase. My parents stayed for awhile to watch some of the parade.

Still watching the parade. I was surprised that Colson sat with me and enjoyed most of the parade. Last year he had zero interest. He loved seeing some of his favorite characters including Pokemon!

Dad's home! The boys cleaned the geese while Mama got ready to head to our Thanksgiving festivity.

Some last minute preparations!

Playing with Uncle Tony while dinner was finishing.

Time to feast. And no picture to show. The food was amazing! My in-laws always do such a fantastic job for all the holidays. Nothing is forgotten.

Relaxing and football.

And playing for the boys....

Time for pie! Peyton was a big fan of pumpkin pie.

Christmas jammies and hugs bye. The boys stayed the night with Granmda Jo and Papa Kim.

Home and eating a second helping of my favorites from the day. Grandma Kay's cranberry sauce is this baby's favorite thing from Thanksgiving! I couldn't stop eating it!

We ended the night in bed watching Friends! Of course we watching a Thanksgiving episode. I didn't even make it to see nine. I was so tired. It doesn't take much to make me tired these days!

We had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you all did too!

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