Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Weekend Highlights

This past weekend was my favorite one of summer so far. It was packed with fun time with family.
Travis and I have been wanting to take Colson to a Hawk's baseball game and we finally made it on Friday night. Colson wanted nothing to to with Humphrey but Dad joined the photo.
What's a baseball game without a hot dog and soda?! 
 Colson loves one on one time and so it was nice to have an evening to just focus on him.
They handed out oven mitts at the game so we managed to get a couple and this boy was so excited about it. 
 Colson loved the dog that came out and got all the Hawk's bats. 
 I mean...look at the excitement!!!
 After the game the kids could go out and run the bases. 
 And then we got ready for fireworks.
 I love these two so much.
 This is what Colson looked like when we pulled in the driveway...
I'd say it was a successful night of fun for Colson! 
Sunday evening after dinner, we took the boys out to the golf course.
This was Peyton's first time going out and he was more interested in driving the cart and dropping the ball in the hole than golfing.
 Dad with his two boys. I hope they continue to spend time out here through out their lives.
Possibly the worst picture but the only one of the four of us. I love this little family of mine so much. 
 Colson has been practicing a lot and he hit an amazing shot! From 70 yards out... 
 He was this close to the hole!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend! We're in swimming lessons this week and so I'm hoping for amazing naps from the boys! Happy Tuesday!

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