Friday, June 15, 2018

Life Lately

Wow! It's been a minutes since I've blogged anything. We've been so busy and our schedule isn't slowing down. I'm thankful it's Friday because I'm so tired!

Well, here is two weeks worth of pictures so grab yourself an afternoon drink!

Colson has been doing chores around the house to earn money. He loves to play games at the Cherry Festival, so that's what he has been working for. We had a load to take up to the dump and he helped me unload to earn a $1. He was a big help!

The boys are loving the play set. We've had a few picnic lunches!

We took the boys over to the new splash pad in Middleton and they had a great time.

It took Peyton awhile but eventually, he loved the water.

Everyday when I make my bed, he lays on all the pillows. It's such a game for him.

Summertime = Popsicle!

We watched Colson's last t-ball game. He hit two home runs!!!

Travis and I went to Sun Valley last weekend. The view driving up there was much more enjoyable than running this the next day...

The highlight of Travis's trip...they sanitize the remote at the hotel!

Ready to run! We started at 2 am. It was cold and dark!

We made it to the finish line!

Grandma Jo and Papa Kim got a new puppy!

A few minutes of playing nicely together!

The boys and I had to make a run to the grocery store and I knew Peyton was tired so I was trying my best to hurry and keep him awake. We were playing peek-a-boo with the Cheerio box until...

It was the greatest grocery shopping experience of my life. No one could believe he was asleep!

Enjoying Colson's last game...

Travis asked me to run to town and grab him a soda so I took this boy for a little one on one ice cream date. I love the little amounts of time we get alone. I never take it for granted!

If you're in Emmett, you know it's Cherry Festival time. We went yesterday and the boys had the best time. We went right during nap time but Peyton got in a good nap even though it was so loud!

Colson on his favorite ride!

We met up with some friends! These boys had the best time!

Talking Grandma Jo into letting him fish...

Caught one!!!

He was so thrilled to win!

Colson used his hard earned money to get his face painted. He wanted the scariest thing she paint.

Even Josie hung out with us!!!

Travis met up with us after work. He always rides with Colson. And it didn't take much convincing to let Peyton fish again.

He waited all day to ride the farris wheel with his Dad!

So much fun!!!

Tired boys.........

The boys were exhausted and so was I. Today started slow and we all got too much sun yesterday. I love making these summer memories with the boys!

I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead. It's full of fun for us!

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